How we deal with global megatrends

Sustainability, purpose, electrification and digitization.

Actively Addressing Megatrends

As a leading player in mobility and agriculture, at Pon we keep a close eye on global trends with the potential to significantly influence our operations. With the rapid digitization of our world, accelerated by COVID-19, today’s customers expect seamless online and offline experiences. As the physical world increasingly intertwines with the Internet of Things, digitization is driving efficiency and faster, better decision-making. Climate change is also at the forefront of our thinking. Industries in which we operate, such as transport and agriculture, account for a significant portion of global emissions – and we aim to play a role in the energy transition by electrifying mobility and promoting sustainable agriculture and green energy solutions.

Meanwhile, consumers are gravitating towards flexible ownership models, such as subscriptions and sharing concepts. We see this trend across all mobility sectors. At the same time, competition is intensifying for direct access to the end customer. Brands are increasingly seeking direct consumer engagement, even though traditional distribution channels remain vital.

Given the ongoing shortages of essential components and geopolitical tensions, simplifying our supply chains is crucial. Brands are becoming even more significant as consumers select those that align with their values. As the home of a broad portfolio of leading brands, it’s imperative that Pon addresses this changing dynamic. We also notice the growing importance of a clear mission, and of having a positive societal and ecological impact. In other words, being “purpose-led” is key to engaging both our customers and employees.


Automotive: Smart, safe, sustainable mobility.

The demand for mobility continues to rise. Due to digitization and electrification, the automobile industry is undergoing significant transformation.


Leading bicycle brands.

Pon has a rich history in the bicycle industry. Our globally leading family of iconic bicycle brands caters to society’s daily needs – from commuting and transportation to leisure, professional sports, and beyond. We’re also active in bike leasing and subscription services, propelling millions of people in a healthy, sustainable manner.

Equipment & Power Systems

For digging, construction, recycling and maritime use.

Pon Equipment is the specialist supplier of the right equipment, as the dealer for Cat® machines in the Netherlands and Norway, and Komptech and McCloskey (Recycling) in the Benelux. We also play an active role in making this heavy equipment more sustainable.

Power Systems focuses on Cat engines for maritime use, among others. It also plays a key role in the energy transition, developing sustainable microgrids for businesses and parks. We offer top-quality systems, including backup generators for essential power or emergency installations for hospitals and data centers.

Agricultural Products & Services

It all centers around the cow.

Agricultural Products & Services. Also known as URUS, this part of the Pon business brings together leading agricultural companies such as Alta Genetics, GENEX, Genetics Australia, Leachman Cattle, PEAK, SCCL, and VAS. Each of these specialized companies plays a vital role in advancing global cattle farming and making it more sustainable.


Ponooc is Pon's dedicated investment company. We invest in start-ups and scale-ups specializing in sustainable energy (generation, distribution and storage). We also focus on mobility, actively contributing to making mobility more efficient and sustainable.

Move Amsterdam

Amsterdam starts at Move.

At Move Amsterdam, right next to the Olympic Stadium, it's all about food, fun,and events. It features the Mobility Experience: an interactive and engaging exhibit for children aged 8 to 14. Move Amsterdam also houses the Ride Out bike store, the Michelin-star restaurant, Wils, and, of course, Pon's Corporate Center.