Responding to global megatrends

Sustainability, urbanization, electrification and digitization.

We actively respond to megatrends

Growing prosperity and population mean that we call more and more on resources like energy, water, minerals, and metals. The scarcity of natural resources puts pressure on and threatens our immediate environment.

Urbanization has a significant impact on the world economy. Continuous urban growth means that it is to be expected that the number of people and businesses that will move to the city will grow considerably over the next few years.

The transition to zero-emission mobility will be a global requisite. Internal combustion engines will be replaced by electric propulsion systems. Zero-emission passenger cars will be compulsory. This trend will also be noticeable in industries like transportation, heavy equipment and the maritime sector.

The digital world is changing fast. Digital interactions, transformation and connectivity have a substantial impact on consumers, organizations and markets.

Our unprecedentedly large portfolio of innovative and sustainable products, services and solutions has given us the chance to be active in many markets. From passenger cars, business vehicles and bicycles to excavators, vessel engines and electrical engineering. Constantly responding to megatrends. Our activities are divided into five industries: Automotive, Bikes, Equipment & Power Systems, Industrial Mobility and Agricultural Products and Services.


Smart, safe, sustainable and efficient mobility.

The need for mobility continues to grow. At the same time, increasing numbers of people worldwide are relocating to the city. This creates all kinds of challenges in terms of quality of life, mobility, and transportation. How do we ensure that our cities remain livable, and we can continue to enjoy the possibilities and freedom that the car can offer?


Leading bicycle brands.

Pon has a long history in the bicycle industry dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, we have grown to be a global industry leader in bike manufacturing, with a strong portfolio of premium and iconic brands. We offer bikes for everyday use, commuting, transportation, leisure, (pro) sports and much more. Our brands enable millions of people around the world to be on the move in a healthy and sustainable manner every day.

Equipment & Power Systems

For excavation, construction, mining and aboard vessels.

Whether it’s laying roads or railway tracks, creating waterways, building foundations for a new urban district or demolishing an old building: reliable machinery is where it begins.
As the dealer of Cat® machines in the Netherlands and Norway, Komptech and McCloskey (Recycling) in the Benelux countries, Pon Equipment is the de facto expert that supplies the right material, for excavation work, construction, or the recycling industry. Power Systems focuses primarily on Cat engines for the shipping industry. Our Power Systems companies also supply world-class continuous power supply systems for machinery, such as generator sets for critical power supply or emergency power systems for hospitals and data centers. In addition to power supply systems, our companies also supply maritime electronic solutions including NavCom, connectivity and integration solutions.

Industrial Mobility

High-tech flow control and technical support services.

We provide electrical tech services and engineered flow control solutions (valves) for the maritime, mining, nickel, oil and gas industries in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. We also supply high-tech valves, actuators, instrumentation, piping, operating and fire protection systems, for new building projects as well as refits/renovations and maintenance, and are active in the heavy mechanical equipment market.

Agricultural Products & Services

It all centers around the cow.

As a holding company owned through a unique partnership between a farm cooperative and family ownership, URUS connects global agricultural leaders – Alta Genetics, Trans Ova Genetics, GENEX, Jetstream Genetics, PEAK, SCCL, and VAS. Each of these organizations has its own unique identity, products, and services, but all with a shared focus on progressive dairy farmers and beef breeders worldwide.


Ponooc is Pon's venture capital fund, which provides growth capital to start-ups and scale-ups. With our focus on ventures operating in sustainable energy (generation, distribution and storage) and sustainable mobility, we aim to actively contribute to solving mobility challenges, provide urban congestion solutions and fight global warming with a focus on sustainable energy.

Move Amsterdam

Amsterdam starts at Move.

Move Amsterdam, right next to the Olympic Stadium, is a gathering place for everything to do with mobility. Move Amsterdam houses, among other things, the Mobility Experience: a challenging, interactive exhibition about mobility for children aged 6-14. They will be amazed by the challenges and future solutions on show as they discover what mobility means through play. In Move Amsterdam you will also find Pon's Corporate Center, Ride Out, restaurant Wils and lots more.