Achievement is a team sport.

Working together for a better world

You are looking for an employer with many top brands. An employer who actively embraces sustainability. An employer who is willing to invest in you, and who will offer you great opportunities. At Pon, you will always be able to find another challenge. We are looking for people who show initiative and passion.

From strong brands that everyone knows to start-ups and behind-the-scenes technology. As colleagues, we make sure that we are and will always be the best in every industry and market. This is what connects us, and makes us strong.

At Pon, people take center stage. These are not just words. We will look at what qualities you have, what your added value is, your personal development, at what stage of your career you are and how fit you are. But, above all, we will look, together with you, what drives you. How innovative are you? How sustainable are you? Can you and will you think with us?

We strive for the continuous development of our employees. Together we will make each other stronger. By offering courses, classes and training at our own academy, but also with Pon Fit sporting activities. Our core values are Passion to Perform, Trust to Act, Care & Act Responsibly and, most importantly, Make it Fun.

This enables us to promote people internally first. 75% of all our managers have come from within Pon. There are career opportunities within a Pon company but also between Pon companies, at every level.

Join us at Pon

You’re always welcome!

There will always be a place here for you, at Pon. Are you an IT developer, technician, mechanic, account manager, HR advisor, sales manager or a financial expert? Where will your Pon career start? Everyone with passion is more than welcome here!

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity encourages innovation.

We are determined to back diversity and inclusion all the way. These are not just words. In 2018 we have signed the charter ‘Talent to the Top’. With the objective to support more women in management roles at Pon.

But diversity is not only about supporting women. Everyone is welcome at Pon. Every applicant will be treated equally, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, nationality, race, disability or religion. We don’t just do this because it is the right thing to do, but also because we believe this will benefit Pon in every way.

It is all about personal development

We encourage curiosity.

The possibility and opportunity to learn more will make us all stronger. All our colleagues, irrespective of age or role, will have the opportunity to learn further. This way you are in charge of your own career.

We learn whilst working. From each other, but also through classes, training courses and Pon Summer- and Winter Labs. We train thousands of people every year. This enables you to learn wherever and whenever you want, or when it is required for your role or to reach your personal development goals. We use the latest techniques and our own teachers. We also have development teams who, together with you, look at how we can further digitize all our activities. Everyone can contribute ideas.

Making mobility happen

Put your hands and your head to work.

You do not only see Pon products on every corner of every street, but you can also find them at sea. Some of them are even invisible. Like an emergency power generator in a hospital, or a hi-tech circuit breaker on an oil rig. Our technology looks after a large part of the safety and mobility in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

You can shape your own career at Pon. You choose your own route. Whether it’s local or international. We are present in more than 65 countries, with over 85 companies. Pon will give you that chance. This is how we continue to be a leader and how we can make a difference.

We are always innovating, in an ever-changing world. Will you give us the insights to become even better? Welcome to Pon!

Work to live

The right terms to work.

We are very proud of our colleagues and what we achieve every day, together. This is why we offer the best terms of employment. We will continue to improve these terms as and when necessary.

Some of our terms are company-dependent, like holiday entitlement. However, you can always count on a great salary and a lot of free time. Join our Pon Fit activities like running events, mountain bike- and cycling races or a weekly boot camp. You will participate in our pension fund and collective health insurance, including a large contribution from us. It is for good reason that Pon has been elected as Top Employer in the Netherlands nine times in a row. If you feel good, you perform better.