Our people

We celebrate talent. We encourage development.

Strong brands, entrepreneurial people

Entrepreneurial people with a passion to perform. These employees want to go big. At Pon we trust in people and give them space and responsibility to do just that. 

From cars to mobility solutions. From bicycles to maritime and energy solutions. We are active in many industries, with a wide range of companies. Our people are technical experts with an enterprising view on things. We have passionate IT, sales, finance, HR, legal and other specialists working for us.

At Pon we have a job for everyone, irrespective of education or background, a surprisingly wide and versatile range of roles. Working at Pon means working with passion, confidence, responsibility and fun.

Fit for work

Pon Fit represents well-being and vitality at work.

Health is the ability to adapt as an individual and deal with social, physical and emotional challenges in life. Through Pon Fit, we support our employees in this. Because everyone should be able to function optimally at work and at home.

We create a safe and healthy work environment together. Employees retain their own responsibility, but can rely on the expertise of Pon Fit.


Connecting with our people, our company and the world around us.

Long-term relationships with employees, customers and manufacturers (OEMs) are important to us and we’re committed to making a positive contribution to society. This is why we engage in a wide range of partnerships within sports and culture and provide support to many social initiatives.

The Move to Help program, for example, enables Pon employees to volunteer during working hours. We also have a great affinity with sports. We are proud name sponsors of the Team Visma | Lease a Bike cycling team and have been involved in Dutch sport for over two decades through our partnership with NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee/Dutch Sports Federation) We also sponsor important cultural institutions, including the Rijksmuseum, and support up-and-coming talent, including in the world of sport.

Learning & development

Personal development of our employees.

We offer our employees the opportunity to grow. This is why we offer different internal training programs. Each year thousands of employees take part in a course or training.

Summer and Winter Labs – These are developmental workshops with a low threshold that are organized twice a year within Pon, for all employees. These workshops  help to promote both employees’ professional skills and vitality. 

Management traineeship – twice a year Pon invites top students to take part in the selection for Pon Management Traineeship program. This 20-month program develops the competences of young talent. They also get the opportunity to grow into a management role at Pon.

Pon Development Programs – Pon gives employees the opportunity to develop themselves, to maximize and deploy their talents. This way they can fulfill their own and Pon’s ambitions, through their own work but also together with others. Every year we train thousands of employees this way.

Pon Future Leaders Program – This leadership program offers high-potential employees the chance to learn from a Senior Executive. Besides focusing personal development goals, it offers the opportunity to build an international network within the organization.


Four core values as a basis for a good future

They connect us and make Pon strong.

Passion to perform
Passion to Perform

We share a passion to perform. We focus on real results. We finish what we start, and we go that extra mile. We don’t give up.

Trust to act
Trust to Act

We’re trusted to do a good job, and we deliver it. We use that freedom to apply our talents and qualities for the best results.

Act Responsibly
Care & Act Responsibly

We’re responsible for all our actions, and we consider the consequences for our stakeholders and the environment. We’re honest, open, and direct.

Make if Fun
Make it Fun

At Pon, enjoying your job is a serious business! We’re open, informal, and cheerful. We allow everyone to be who they are.