Pon Fit

Everyone at Pon is Fit for work.

Pon Fit program

Pon Fit promotes a healthy lifestyle, taking good care of yourself, with plenty of exercise, and eating a healthy diet. To get fit, be fit and stay fit. 

It all starts with knowledge

Key to a healthy lifestyle is plenty of exercise, a healthy diet and taking good care of yourself. A work-life balance also needs to be taken into consideration. All of these are elements that contribute to a person’s health and vitality. Pon Fit would like to make people aware of this. This is why we share our knowledge and expertise with regards to health and vitality as much as we can. Employees are challenged and, at the same time, we encourage team spirit. Together we make a strong company, with healthy employees.

From exercising to health checks

When we are talking about exercise, we would like it to be fun. We organize all sorts of things. From starter-clinics to challenging and much talked about events for the advanced athlete. You can also find us at major events like the Dam-to-Dam walk in Amsterdam, the Amstel Gold Race and the SrongmanRun. A great way to get to know your colleagues!

Pon Fit also offers a health check once every three years. This is a medical test as well as a conversation about your physical and mental health in relation to your job.

We also carry out a workplace check. A company physiotherapist inspects how employees sit, stand, bend over, walk and pick up things. This way we can prevent, spot and cure possible physical complaints early on in the process. We also have physiotherapists at a number of locations.

Partners in health

To get fit, be fit and stay fit, we collaborate with several partners who each have their own expertise. Together we can do more.

We believe it is important to have easy access to the best care around. One of the reasons we work with ONVZ health insurance. ONVZ is all about quality: the best care as well as free choice of hospital and health professionals. Pon employees also receive a company discount on their monthly fee.

Another one of our partners is Resilians. This company offers free coaching when encountering certain issues. It does not matter if they are work-related or personal issues. The thought behind this is when you are feeling well, you will also be able to enjoy your job more. Having a coach as a sounding board can be a great help.

More than 125 colleagues globally join us in Amsterdam to take part in the Amsterdam Marathon.