People and Society

Caring for our people, our company and the world around us.

Sponsorships, volunteering and safety.

We want to take care of our people, our company and the world around us. That’s the family business approach. We form long-term partnerships and organize activities that hold value for our employees and partners, as well as wider society. This is how we demonstrate our commitment and responsibility to the world around us.

Move to Help

Making a positive contribution towards society.

Pon employees in many countries can volunteer during working hours as part of our global Move to Help program. We also contribute by making our products available, based on our core value to Care & Act Responsibly. Move to Help is active in Pon companies in Europe and the US.

Want to learn more about Move to Help? Contact [email protected].

Mobility for good causes

Providing transportation where it is much needed.

Pon has initiated a mobility fund in the Netherlands. We support social projects by providing transport and mobility. We support the activities of the National Elderly Fund, holiday camps for sick children and fundraising events. We assist as many organizations as possible both nationally and locally.

Youth and education

Equal opportunities for everyone.

Pon values talent development, equal opportunities and proper education, and we support several organizations that contribute to this. Through our long-term partnership with JINC, we support children who grow up in challenging environments . We also support various initiatives that aim to spark children and youngsters’ interest in technology, such as Skills Heroes. At our headquarters, Move Amsterdam, we teach children about mobility. We als organize many engaging and educational technology workshops during school vacations. This is how we do our bit to help provide children the opportunities they deserve – and the tech sector to remain appealing to talent.

Elite sport

A winning mentality.

Pon identifies with the mentality and ambition of top athletes. Therefore we’ve connected with Dutch elite sports through our partnerships with the Dutch National Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) and Royal Dutch Soccer Association (KNVB). We have supported TeamNL during the Olympic Games for over 30 years, and Gazelle has designed special orange Gazelle bikes to help Dutch Olympians move around the Olympic village. KNVB collaborates with Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Gazelle to fulfill their mobility needs in a more sustainable way.

Team Visma | Lease a Bike

Innovation, knowledge-sharing and talent development.

Given Pon’s portfolio of top bike brands, it’s only natural that we have an affinity for cycling. Lease a Bike is title sponsor of, and Cervélo provides bikes to professional cycling Team Visma | Lease a Bike, which has men’s, women’s and talent teams. Škoda and MAN are also involved, as they supply cars and the team’s motorhomes. Our brands collaborate during significant events like the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España, World Cycling Championships and the Olympics. The team was the first ever to be victorious in the three major grand tours for men in one year. It won the Giro d’Italia, the Tour and La Vuelta in 2023 – on Cervélo bikes.


Cultural engagement aligns with our family business ethos.

Ben Pon Senior once envisioned a van capable of carrying a load equal to its weight. During a visit to the Volkswagen factory in Germany, he proposed the idea based on a sketch in his notebook.
This sketch made in 1947, led to the development of the Volkswagen bus and now has a place in the Rijksmuseum collection. We’ve been sponsors of the Rijksmuseum since 2013, supporting exhibitions, acquisitions and restorations.


A safe working environment.

We ensure that our safety vision, ‘safe home, everyone, every day,’ is realized. Each Pon company has its own safety policy and dedicated safety officers responsible for safety. Decentralized safety efforts are coordinated, and safety procedures and regulations, including detailed incident analysis and awareness programs, are actively disseminated. Pon employees always have the right to halt work for any project if safety issues arise. Both high-level and local management are actively involved as safety remains a constant priority on management agendas.