Our products and organization.

Pon chooses sustainability

Running a sustainable business is one of the pillars of our strategy ‘We move you to a better world’. Therefore, Pon aspires to actively reduce its carbon emissions. We are making great strides in the Netherlands. But we do not want to stop here. Pon has launched a carbon-neutral strategy, with the objective to implement all Pon activities without a carbon footprint. As of 2018, we are entirely carbon neutral in the Netherlands and since 2021 also in the rest of Europe. Other countries will follow in due course.

Sustainability also entails introducing numerous sustainable solutions. From electric and hybrid cars and business vehicles to electric bicycles and excavators. From energy supply solutions to the electric and hybrid propulsion of vessels.

Hybrid vessels

Sustainability: an important role in the maritime sector.

Much remains to be done. For example, in the maritime sector where diesel engines have a negative impact on the air quality. Gas is a much cleaner and cheaper alternative. With this in mind, Pon Power developed a Dual-Fuel system for marine engines. The Argonon, a Dutch inland vessel, is the first ship in the world to run on 80% gas and only 20% diesel. We also develop other sustainable, maritime solutions. For example, the introduction of just one operating system where all technologies have been integrated. By doing so, ships will use almost 20% less energy.


Make the world a better place by riding an electric bicycle.

Traffic jams and parking will no longer be an issue with the introduction of the electric bicycle. More importantly: e-bikes are a more environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative to cars. The ideal mode of transport for relatively short distances in an urban environment. Brands like Gazelle, FOCUS, Santa Cruz and Kalkhoff are at the forefront of different types of innovation for electric bicycles, to be enjoyed by all ages, in the city or for recreational purposes. More than 50% of all Pon bicycles are electric.

Solar panels

From engine room to solar panels.

To comply with new global rules – which means lower carbon emissions – businesses will need to find new ways to produce energy. With the introduction of Cat Solar panels, Pon Power  – as the first Caterpillar-dealer in Europe – offers businesses and governments a sustainable alternative to producing energy.

Looking at the return on investment for Cat Solar panels, once again proves that Pon Power only offers top quality products. Even in less favorable weather conditions, Caterpillar solar panels will convert sunlight into energy.

Currently Pon Power mainly supplies existing Caterpillar-customers, including greenhouse farmers and hospitals. New markets will be entered soon.