Our products and organization.

Pon prioritizes sustainability.

As a family-run business, corporate social responsibility is embedded in our DNA. We actively reduce our CO2 emissions where possible, and compensate for any remaining emissions. Pon has been carbon-neutral in the Netherlands since 2018, and throughout Europe since 2021. Other regions will soon follow suit.
Prioritizing sustainability at Pon also means introducing a range of eco-friendly solutions to the market, including electric cars, cargo bikes, commercial vehicles and electric excavators. We also provide many more sustainable energy solutions, including electric or hybrid propulsion for ships. We build sustainable microgrids that support the energy transition, we’re active in solar power and have developed charging solutions for e-cars.

Hybrid vessels

Sustainability: an important role in the maritime sector.

There’s still much progress to be made, especially in the maritime industry where diesel engines remain the standard. Natural gas offers a cleaner alternative, which is why Pon Power developed a dual-fuel system for marine engines. The Dutch inland vessel De Argonon became the world’s first to achieve 80% operation on natural gas and only 20% on diesel. In collaboration with Caterpillar, we are also developing a marine engine that can run partly on methanol. We’re also devising other sustainable maritime solutions, such as high-tech bridges that integrate all technologies into a single control system. This innovation alone reduces onboard energy consumption by nearly 20%.


To make the world a better place, start with an electric bike.

Many European and American cities are realizing that bicycles can alleviate congestion and pollution. Cycling is also healthy and enjoyable, making it an ideal mode of transport for short urban commutes. Brands like Gazelle, Cannondale, FOCUS, Santa Cruz, Urban Arrow, Kalkhoff, Caloi, Schwinn and Veloretti are at the forefront of e-bike innovations for all ages, both for city commutes and leisure. Over 60% of all bikes we sell through bike dealers are now electric, and for Gazelle, that number is as high as 70%.

Solar panels

From engine rooms to solar panels.

To decrease CO2 emissions, companies must explore new ways to generate energy. With the launch of Cat Solar panels, Pon Power became the first Caterpillar dealer in Europe to offer businesses and governments a sustainable power generation alternative. The quality that Pon Power delivers is clear in the solar panels’ performance, as they efficiently convert sunlight to energy even in unfavorable weather conditions. Pon Power primarily supplies established Caterpillar customers, such as greenhouses and hospitals.