Leading bicycle brands.

One of the top 5 players in the global bicycle industry

We distinguish ourselves through a premium brand portfolio, with more than 10 bicycle brands, including Gazelle, Cervélo, FOCUS, Santa Cruz, Kalkhoff and Faraday. Based in the Netherlands, Germany, USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, UK, Hongkong and Australia.

More and more people see the benefits of cycling with pedal assist. You can cover longer distances without too much extra effort. Cycling is sustainable and, in addition, reduces the congestion in urban areas. Due to our large portfolio of products we always manage to connect with the needs and tastes of each individual cyclist.

Did you know?

  • In 2020 we delivered more than 800,000 Pon bicycles globally.
  • More than 50% of these bicycles are electric.
  • We have more than 10 Experience Centers in the Netherlands.
  • More than 200,000 people subscribe to Swapfiets.
  • FietsNed offers 24/7 roadside assistance to more than 500,000 customers.

Performance Bikes

From superlight to the most extreme terrain.

We work with global brands Cervélo, Santa Cruz and FOCUS. Performance Bikes are superlight carbon road bicycles you will see during the Tour de France. Or aerodynamic triathlon-and track bicycles you will spot at the Olympic Games. We also supply mountain bikes designed for the most extreme terrain. For example, during the Enduro World Series. We are talking about exciting descents, muddy, wooded surroundings and steep climbs. Finally, let’s not forget our super-fast pedelecs (a pedelec is a bicycle where the rider's pedaling is assisted by a small electric motor) for commuting to work.

Comfort Bikes

The ultimate way for getting around.

Our consumers love cycling. Not only in the Netherlands, but, increasingly, all over the world. It is the ultimate way to get around. We produce, sell and maintain the Gazelle, Kalkhoff, Union and Urban Arrow brands. Consumers are getting around more and more on electric bicycles with a professional range and a fast-charging battery.

Parts and accessories

A trendsetter in remarkable products.

A good bicycle is essential, but the right parts and accessories are just as important.

Companies like BBB Cycling and Santa Cruz are passionate about bicycles, and just as much about the bicycle manufacturers. Saddles, super-batteries, special frames and bicycle lights that stand out? Employees at BBB Cycling and Santa Cruz prefer to test their products during their own rides.

Bike Mobility Services

Smart mobility in business and beyond.

Bike Mobility Services (BMS) aims to develop sustainable, active and affordable bike mobility services for employers and their employees. BMS’ services are fully digital, based on strong IT platforms and build on an ecosystem of bike dealers and other service partners.