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We Love Cycling

Whether it’s commuting to work, cycling to school, heading to the supermarket or effortlessly transporting three kids to daycare, we love the convenience and joy of cycling. Not just for its practical advantages, but also for its recreational benefits – cycling through woods, parks, villages and bustling city streets.

Our city bicycles are tailored for comfort. With brands like Gazelle, Kalkhoff, Veloretti, Urban Arrow, Union and Caloi, there’s something to suit every rider. Whether you’re in the market for an urban designer bike, a comfortable touring machine or a sturdy transporter for carrying loads, we’ve got you covered. Choose from classic designs or modern aesthetics. Our bikes represent sustainability and are crafted using the latest technologies in the world’s most innovative factories.

A growing portion of the bicycles we sell are e-bikes. And this isn’t just a trend in Germany and the Netherlands: it’s catching on in major cities across Europe, and even in the US. In other words, it’s a global movement.