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Sustainable innovation

Hip bicycle saddles, super-batteries, special frames and bicycle lights that stand out? Real cycling fanatics work at BBB Cycling. They test all their innovations themselves. The American brand Santa Cruz offers only the best. For example, with regards to tires and rims. They offer a lifetime warranty on all their carbon rims and tires. ‘Reserve Wheels’ as they like to call it. The ultimate way to show you trust your product! The same goes for their carbon frames.

What if you need roadside assistance? FietsNED’s mobile bicycle mechanics in the Netherlands have the solution. They offer roadside assistance, 24/7, to more than 500,000 customers. To get customers back on their bicycles as quickly as possible. FietsNED also offers assistance to an increasing number of business customers. For example, they work with postal companies like PostNL, Sandd and DHL. Bicycles have become an important means of transportation for these companies. From transportation hubs at the borders of a city, our specially produced utility bicycles will carry out a so-called ‘last-mile delivery’. A super-sustainable solution!