Wholesale & Retail

Leading in sustainability.

The number one car distributor in the Netherlands.

Passenger cars
Pon focuses on the import, marketing and after-sales of the passenger car brands Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA. All these brands belong to the Volkswagen Group, an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), with whom we work together for more than seventy years already. Altogether a wide range of brands and models in any price category. We also offer lease- and financing services through a joint venture with Volkswagen Pon Financial Services (VWPFS).

Sustainable mobility
Volkswagen leads the sustainable mobility trend and invests more than €70 billion. We develop and invest alongside them. It is to be expected that in 2025 50% of all new passenger cars will be fully electric. Pon’s car brands will launch new models with the best car battery technology and a large operating range.

Client customization
For commercial vehicles, Pon offers many services, from marketing and sales to service. We have everything to offer when it comes to supplying, maintaining and customizing commercial vehicles. Our objective is always to enable our customers to run their business efficiently and in a sustainable manner. Pon introduces the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, MAN Truck and MAN Bus brands, and we’re not stopping there.

Mobility solutions
Urbanization creates problems, but also new opportunities. We are looking for the road to smart mobility. Alternative transportation solutions like Greenwheels distinguish themselves through their focus on proven solutions and promising innovations for mobility challenges. Either developed by themselves or through the integration with start-ups.