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Automotive Brands
Operating in the Netherlands, Pon’s Automotive business is a market leader that handles the local import, marketing, sales and after-sales of brands belonging to Volkswagen Group, our partner of 75 years. They include Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, CUPRA and Škoda. The result is a diverse, complementary range of brands and models catering to all market segments. We offer leasing and financing services through Volkswagen Pon Financial Services (VWPFS), our joint venture with Volkswagen AG.

Sustainable Mobility
The Volkswagen Group is at the forefront of electric mobility, with substantial investments planned for the coming years. We’re developing and investing right alongside them. Through the Pon Academy, we’re training the technicians needed to skillfully maintain and repair electric cars. We also provide charging solutions via Shuttel and Revolt.

Customized Solutions
Pon represents the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and MAN brands, but that’s not all. In the commercial vehicle market, we offer high-quality products as well as many locally developed services. Our goal is always to ensure the most efficient and sustainable operations for our clients – from commercial vehicles to trucks and buses, and from axles to fleet management and modification.

Getting Better Every Day
We’re constantly enhancing the customer experience, seamlessly integrating the digital with the real world. With alternative transport solutions, like car-sharing provider Greenwheels, we continue to drive innovation in our industry. In partnership with Volkswagen Group, we’re transforming car rental company, Europcar, into an innovative platform for flexible mobility solutions. 

Meanwhile, we’re taking the lead on digitization and the application of big data, as we continue to innovate and develop our existing business together with Pon DataLab. 

New insights also present new opportunities. A prime example is our e AI startup, Lensor, which scans car damage without human intervention and uses an algorithm to calculate repair costs.