Mobility services

Investing in Smart Mobility Solutions.

Investing in the Future

Our society is rapidly changing, and sustainability is a top priority for all of us. Finding the path to smart mobility is key.

Pon offers a wide range of new mobility services, which we have either developed ourselves or helped to grow. This includes sharing solutions like Greenwheels and service concepts such as Shuttel’s mobility cards, which provide commuters access to all kinds of transportation options through an app, from public transport to shared cars and shared e-bikes.

Hely provides turn-key mobility hubs, including shared bikes, cars, and electric scooters. We are also the proud co-owners of Europcar, which we are transforming into a European mobility platform in partnership with the Volkswagen Group.

Thanks to our own DataLab, we can perform in-depth analyses and actively use big data to make mobility better, more efficient, cheaper, and safer. We are keen to collaborate with governments, banks, public transport authorities, as well as with municipalities and project developers.