Agricultural Products & Services

It all centers around the cow.

A unique collaboration between an agricultural cooperative and a family business, URUS connects global top-tier agricultural companies within one holding company: Alta Genetics, GENEX, Genetics Australia, Leachman Cattle, PEAK, SCCL, and VAS. Each entity retains its distinctive identity, products, and services but shares a focus on innovative livestock breeding around the world.

URUS companies provide advanced genetics to accelerate progress. IT provides tailored reproductive services and innovative management software.

Furthermore, URUS offers a range of products and services to cultivate both productive and healthy herds which feed people and contribute to more sustainable global agriculture.

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It all centers around the cow.

As a holding company owned through a unique partnership between a farm cooperative and family ownership, URUS connects global agricultural leaders – Alta Genetics, GENEX, Jetstream Genetics, PEAK, SCCL, and VAS.