Pon Power

From powering ships to comprehensive emergency power solutions.

Quality and service first

We are an established name in the world of ship engines, generators and other energy solutions, as well as one of the world’s biggest Caterpillar import companies.

Pon Power operates in a wide range of markets, from inland shipping to yachts, from industry to data centers and healthcare. With our extensive know-how and expertise, we supply more than engines alone. Our dedicated consultants and technical experts know what matters to our customer base and are ready to assist 24×7.

The best service
Process digitization increasingly enables remote engine monitoring, reading and controlling. Sometimes, however, a mechanic or engineer must be sent to service or repair a ship’s engines, wherever in the world it may be. Naturally, our service engineers come equipped with a range of digital tools to solve failures.

Pon Power owns several subsidiaries. Close collaboration with these companies enables us to add value to our customers. TOPEC specializes in custom high-tech power solutions. Pon Energy Rental delivers rental solutions for power generation and temperature control. 

Total solutions
Whatever your corporate processes look like, your power supply needs to be safe and reliable. We supply high-end total solutions, such as emergency power supply systems for hospitals and data centers.