The ‘New Volkswagen’

World Première at the IAA: The ‘New Volkswagen’

From 12 to 22 September, the IAA took place in Frankfurt. And of course, Volkswagen presented the new ID.3. Moreover, the new logo and corporate identity (CI) was revealed.

The ID.3 is – like the Beatle and the Golf – a new chapter for Volkswagen. Key terms are ‘electric’, ‘100% connected’ and ‘CO2 neutral’. This strategic reorientation was deployed four years ago and will also be visible in a new brand identity. With this, Volkswagen will appear younger, more digital and therefore even more modern. The ‘New Volkswagen’ is powerful, fresh, positive and attractive.

The new brand identity
The ‘New Volkswagen’ identity is reflected everywhere: in the design of the models, in contact with customers and in the presentation of the brand as a whole. The goal is to create a new, universal customer experience that is modern and attractive through all channels.

Vibrant colors and digital-oriented
The new CI is more powerful, vibrant and more than ever digital-oriented: from logo to all visual materials. In addition, Volkswagen will no longer create a ‘perfect advertising world’, but will present itself in a more human and lively way. Instead of the car itself, the focus will be on people’s life and mobility experience.

The new logo
The new Volkswagen logo is modern, clearer and simpler. The new design restricts itself to the essential elements and is flat and two-dimensional. This makes it more flexible to use and perfectly recognizable in digital media. For the first time ever Volkswagen is going to use a sound logo.

Start at the IAA
The rollout of the new CI will officially start at the IAA. Together with the unveiling of the new logo in Wolfsburg. Around 10,000 dealers worldwide will have to replace around 70,000 logos in total. With that, Volkswagen opts for a cost-efficient and resource-saving approach.

From strategy to execution
The new CI is the result of the Transform 2025+ strategy that Volkswagen started in 2015. The brand is currently preparing for phase 2: rolling out of the e-mobility and digitalizing strategy. As a result, Volkswagen is changing from a car manufacturer into a provider of mobility services. In line with that development, the marketing and sales structure of the brand is also being radically adjusted.