Team Jumbo-Visma joins forces with Cervélo, ŠKODA and Swapfiets

Team Jumbo-Visma

Since 1 January this year, Team Jumbo-Visma, the world’s best cycling and ice-skating team, is being sponsored by Cervélo, ŠKODA and Swapfiets. This unique combination of brands and their products will be making contributions to the team in the coming years. The team members aim for many victories, including the yellow jersey in Paris at the Tour de France, European and World Championship medals, and of course the upcoming Olympics. 

Multitalented team
Team Jumbo-Visma is a Dutch professional elite sports team that’s visible 365 days per year. Merging a professional cycling and ice-skating team lays the foundation for a new organizational model in the highest echelons of Dutch elite sports. A model that revolves around innovation, sharing knowledge, talent development, and joining forces. In addition to the women’s and men’s teams, Team Jumbo-Visma also includes development teams.

Cervélo provides the rider’s main tool: the frame, which today also includes the handlebars, handlebar stem, and seat post. Cervélo leverages its knowledge of aerodynamics to put the complete bike together to achieve the perfect position on the bike, allowing the rider to reach the highest possible speeds. Always looking to innovate, the brand relies on the most advanced insights and technologies to build its bicycles. Team Jumbo-Visma also deviates from the beaten paths to achieve their goals, developing their own methods to keep getting better. It’s one of the reasons why Team Jumbo-Visma and Cervélo are a perfect match: two parties that changed professional cycling and challenge each other to reach even higher.

ŠKODA supplies the entire fleet of dozens of cars for both the ice-skating and cycling teams, including team leaders, team management, and support staff. Pon will supply spacious transport and passenger buses from its affiliate Volkswagen. The fleet will be deployed to follow and support top-level riders in the classics, grand tours and other well-known cycling races, as well as for traveling to and from the (inter)national ice-skating rinks. Richard Plugge, Team Jumbo-Visma’s Director, states, “The ties between ŠKODA and the world of cycling are very strong, and ŠKODA will be providing us with a reliable fleet of vehicles. That’s why we’re truly proud to welcome ŠKODA back to our group of partners from 2021 onward.”

As part of the partnership, Swapfiets will be providing support to Team Jumbo-Visma Academy in their large-scale sports activities, giving young people access to professional racing bikes to start their career in cycling. Moreover, Team Jumbo-Visma’s athletes and all other employees will always be able to count on the well-known Swapfiets bikes with the blue tire. Richard Plugge explains, “Swapfiets and Team Jumbo-Visma both believe that the more people ride bicycles, the better it’ll be for everyone’s health and the cities in which we live. Together we’ll help people to cycle more, both in sports and in their everyday lives.”

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