Pon opens Move Mobility Experience

The first mobility experience in the Netherlands

How will we move through the city in the future? What is a ‘smart bike path’? How do we deal with shared transport? And will cars be able to fly in the future? Move Mobility Experience will open its doors at the Stadionplein in Amsterdam in the fall break, starting on 22 October, and will challenge visitors of all ages to think about these kinds of questions. The first mobility experience in the Netherlands offers an interactive journey through the history and future of mobility.

Self-propelled taxi
Move is the first and only experience in the Netherlands that is completely dedicated to mobility. On land, at sea, and in the air. About goods, and about people. Specially developed interactive games lead young and old along with past, present, and future. At Move, for example, not only is the very first shared electric car ever to be seen and driven – the WitKar – but also those of today and tomorrow. For example, four people can drive a self-propelled electric taxi. The taxi travels virtually through the Amsterdam of 2040. First floating, just above the road, then high in the air and then through the characteristic canals in the city center. On the bike simulator, two people can race against the clock, not only uphill but also by cleverly choosing the shortest route to the city center, for example.

Mobility in one place
Move is located right next to the Olympic Stadium, close to one of the busiest thoroughfares in Amsterdam. In addition to insights into the future of mobility and the various mobility services, Move also offers the latest and future models of bicycles and cars, including Gazelle, Cervélo, Audi, Porsche, and Bentley. Move also houses the ‘Ride Out’, a place where cyclists from inside and outside Amsterdam can see the innovations of tomorrow, undertake trips with professional cyclists and follow workshops. All-day restaurant Madame Cyclette is the perfect start and finish of a cycling tour through Amsterdam. Move directly contributes to keeping the city of Amsterdam livable. From a hub, various forms of shared transport are offered, including electric bicycles and cars.

On the top floor of Move, you will find the fine-dining restaurant Wils. Here you can literally have lunch and dinner at a high level under the supervision of chef Joris Bijdendijk and his colleagues.

With Move, initiator Pon wants to challenge visitors to think about how to deal with mobility in the future in the cities that are becoming increasingly crowded. Pon is the largest mobility group in the Netherlands, including Gazelle, Swapfiets and Caterpillar, Greenwheels, Shuttel, Volkswagen and SEAT in its products and services range.

Move is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 – 17:00 and is located at the Stadionplein in Amsterdam. Move is suitable for young and old and has free entrance. Ticket reservations can be made via the website www.move.amsterdam.