Flow Control

Cutting edge valves and circuit breakers.

From products and parts to production systems

Companies within this group manufacture, sell and maintain these innovative valves and instrumentation for customers in the oil and gas industry (like refineries) and the international shipping industry – for example, for oil tankers and naval ships. They do not only supply flow control parts and products, but their mechanics are also available to our customers every day for maintenance, engineered solutions and fixing malfunctions.

The same applies to water management and the extractive industries, including nickel and copper extraction. A flawless production process is essential. However, we have a lot more to offer. Whether we are talking about innovative subsystems or a transit system in a huge pipeline of 200 kilometers for an oil rig, in Australia everyone knows where to find Prochem, our market leader in stainless steel pipeline products. From customers in the maritime and oil and gas industry to the mining industry.