Technical support services

Maintenance, repairs and revisions for the oil-, gas- and mining industry.

A wide range offers continuity

The companies within this group offer a wide range of technical support services (maintenance, repairs and revisions), products and engineering solutions to the advanced manufacturing and heavy industries in Asia. One of the specialties is the certification and maintenance of the power supply infrastructure.

We are based in Singapore but are also represented in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Some of the companies, like QPM and ON Engineers, are specialized in effective power supply infrastructures for large buildings like hospitals, or industrial installations like oil rigs.

Companies like SWTS offer mechanical and electrical services for technical equipment (including repairs, modifications and revisions of turbines and generators). Other companies like QPM focus on certification, (remote) monitoring and the maintenance of electrical systems.

The majority of the work takes place in the oil and gas industry and the navy. Power stations are another market. We make a conscious choice to have a wide range of services. This way we absorb fluctuations in the market. This offers continuity.