Industrial Mobility

High-tech flow control and technical support services.

Electrical tech services and engineered flow control solutions

We provide electrical technical services and engineered flow control solutions (valves and electrical power systems) for the maritime, mining, nickel, oil and gas industries in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. We also supply high-tech valves, actuators, operating and fire protection systems, for new building projects as well as refits/renovations and maintenance, and are active in the heavy mechanical equipment market.

Did you know?

  • We are responsible for the high-tech fire protection systems of more than 200 American Navy ships.
  • We maintain and repair the key valves of the majority of high-pressure acid leach (HPAL) nickel mines globally. The high-grade nickel produced, is crucial in the production of electric vehicle batteries. We look after the technical maintenance of a number of cruise ships.
  • We are involved in the extensive renovation of the United States Navy ships, together with several other companies.
  • We excel at flow control aboard offshore support vessels, jack-up rigs and FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels), but also at refineries and in the petrochemical industry.
  • We are the market leader in the technical support services sector for shopping malls, hospitals and other large buildings in Singapore.

Fire safety and prevention

Surprisingly cutting edge.

Customers can rely on us for fire prevention. Hiller, pioneer in the field of fire safety since 1919, has been active for over 100 years in developing smart solutions to extinguish and prevent fires. A true expert.

Flow Control

Cutting edge valves and circuit breakers.

People often work in extreme temperatures or with semi-finished goods or corrosive acids in the heavy industry. We have suitable high-tech valves for these conditions, in all shapes, types and sizes. Naturally, we offer maintenance and repair services for any of these.

Technical support services

Maintenance, repairs and revisions for the oil-, gas- and mining industry.

Our group of companies is active in the oil and gas industry for the offshore and maritime sectors. But also in the mining industry (especially nickel and copper mining) in Australia and the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry. Other segments are power and water treatment.

Our companies also offer a wide range of technical support services (maintenance, repairs and revisions), products and engineering solutions to the advanced manufacturing and heavy industries in Asia. Here we are the market leader, with our base in Singapore. But we are also active in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.